"The presentations you did for our family and adult audiences are unsurpassed when looking at audience enthusiasm and involvement. I can honestly say that your shows have been the turning point for our Performance Series. People finally sat up and took notice when we presented you."
—B.P. Roccoberton, Jr. Dir. of Professional Puppetry Arts Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center, Waterford

"...(Allynn's) ability to relate to and entertain audiences of all sizes, ages, and levels of sophistication was remarkable. His work was innovative and spontaneous and he easily attracted, maintained, and involved his audiences."
—J. McDonough, Park Program Supervisor Artpark, N.Y.

"...creative, inventive, and enthusiastic...he has such a fine sense of what the children respond to, and wove an ingenious story that challenged their imagination and had them very excited to participate. He is extraordinary.
—S.E. McKenna, Music Dept. Montclair State University, N.J.

"Having observed your work as a balloon man for several years I want you to know that no one can top your act. Although your act is designed for children, young adults and parents are equally excited about your performance. Your ability to work with small groups as well as the large audiences puts you in a special class.
—D.J. Holquist, Chair., Comm. Dept. Calvin College, E. Lansing, MI

"Besides being a master balloon-blowing artist, Allynn is a thorough delight as a performer. His imaginative storytelling, improvisational interplay with the audience, and inspired sense of humor keep kids captivated and adults in stitches."
—H. Adams, Director of Special Events The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA

"We can't begin to thank you for the incredible performance you provided on Children's Day during our Jewish Book Month celebration. You are simply phenomenal! We don't know how you do it! You are creative and hysterically funny, yet sensitive and thoughtful at the same time. We don't know whether the kids or the parents enjoyed you more!
We were truly amazed at how you adapted the Chanukah storybook we sent you, and, with only a week to prepare, presented a unigue, fun, educational Chanukah tale. We also admire the command you have over your audience. You were the only adult in the room who remained calm when hundreds of kids swarmed up to the stage!
Goowin's Balloowins was a tremendous kick-off to our month-long celebration of Jewish books. This year's Jewish Book Month was by far the most successful our community has ever had. And you were a very, very important part of this success!
Thank you again for a memorable, marvelous show.


"What a success story. Children come to June Balloooon Festival, meet itinerant balloon performer, join show, and walk away transformed into a character from the plays they performed. The look in their eyes was of being mesmerized.
—T. Doyle, Special Events Coordinator The Brooklyn Children's Museum, N.Y.

"Your special talent seems to capture the imagination of everyone who watches you perform."
—Allentown Celebration, PA

"Your energetic and highly creative performances thoroughly delighted the children and adults alike."
—S. Lazaroff, Dir. of Events Programming Hartford Downtown Council, CT

"The festival was visually imprinted with your wearable balloon sculptures of airplanes, jets, and giant earrings, etc. walking throughout the promenade. The public was most impressed with your balloon creations."
—M. Dougherty, Coordinator of Performing Arts, Baltimore

"I am sure that you will be pleased to know that I have had specific praise for your performance from all of our top directors and managers, and I even had a request from the Vice President of Creative Entertainment to see if I could get you under permanent contract."
—S. Hansen, Show Director Creative Entertainment, Disney World, FL

"...manic, wacky, and a whole lot of fun."
—The Edmonton Journal, Can.

"...Allynn doesn't put on a show, he is a show."
—Successful Meetings Magazine

You are simply phenomenal! You are creative and hysterically funny, yet sensitive and thoughtful at the same time. We don't know whether the kids or the parents enjoyed you more!"
—David Posnack JCC, Davie, FL

"Gooen is a Master balloon sculptor, but that description only touches the cornerstone of what he does. His skill and originality with balloons are matched by his inventiveness as a storyteller and his ability to transform wherever he happens to be into a festive, playful experience ...and people (unlocking, involving and celebrating their imaginations and creativity) are the key to the magical web he weaves. He is original, he's funny, he is a catalyst audiences never forget. Allynn is a true entertainer."
—Laugh-Makers Magazine

"The witty patter had the adult members of the audience roaring and the constant involvement of children on stage entranced his young fans."
—The Sunday Times, Australia

"The grade one audience was truly entertained by the lively, interactive, child-friendly program. Your story telling entwined with balloon props and settings held their interest and invited them to use their imaginations in this exploration of children's theatre. Thank you again for a job well done." Dr. Rosemary Cipriani-Sklar, Principal, School #14 Corona, NY
"Goowin's Balloowins… thoroughly enjoyable, creative, fast moving, engaging and fun. It's entertainment and educational value were well balanced. Students and teachers alike loved the way fairy tales were made interactive. The general response, in one word, was "WOW"!
—Linda Levatino, Arts-In_Education Chairperson, Northside Elementary School, Farmingdale, NY

"You were a perfectly wonderful beginning to our school year! Thank you for a most unexpected gift to our staff and most of all to our children.
Of all the things my students talked about I was happiest that they recognized ACCEPTANCE! How you turned their statements into 'positive' was a lesson for all of us!
I have been to countless assemblies in my past 34 years of teaching and none caught my heart and tickled my funny bone as much as yours. Plus you had so much that related to our academic curriculum! May you continue to spread your lessons in human dignity, kindness, love, and forgiveness through laughter and fun of your balloons.:
—Mrs. Lorraine Veldman, 3rd grade, Bridgman Elementary School, Bridgman, MI

"Thank you for presenting the Margetts' students and families with a wonderful evening's entertainment. The comments from children and parents were extremely positive. They loved you and the show. They were thrilled with the Balloon Man's exciting antics and with the Bug lady's stunning costumes. Children sat with their mouths open and asults paid close attention so as not to miss any of the jokes.
You could see by the turnout that your reputation has spread and you have a dedicated following at Margetts School. Your vision, and ours, of creating a community is becoming a reality and we all appreciate the efforts you are putting into making it happen."
—Sandra Platzman, Principal, Margetts Elementary School, Monsey, NY

LIBRARIES:"The kids loved it! The parents loved it! The library loved it! You were terrific with the crowd."
—Bonnie Markel, Head Children's Services, The Merrick Library. Merrick, NY

"Whether you play before audiences of children, adults or any combination they are spellbound, charmed and completely in love with you and your creativity."
—The National Theatre, Washington, DC

"The costumes were simply breath taking, the dance superb and the program is packed with wonderful educational material."
—Rochester Museum and Science Center, NY

"Your presentation was by far one of the most unique, colorful and enjoyable productions ever presented at the Children's Museum."
—The Utica Children's Museum, NY

"Your imaginative performance not only delights the children, but educates them as well."
—Wayne County Council for the Arts, NY

"...what places her in a unique area of children's entertainment and education is her uncanny ability to design, construct and enter/exit a wide variety of very large costumes that are so beautifully made. She spares no effort or expense to deliver each insect in its own special characteristics to the enthralled applause of all."
—Huntington Arts Council, NY

"Like the hundreds of children at the festival, I was mesmerized by Annie's costume characters, particularly the lizard and the praying mantis."
—The Richmond Children's Festival, VA

"She touches her audiences in ways most of them have never been touched before in a performance situation. They leave the performance space glowing because of what Annie has done and how she has done it. What Annie does is always entertaining, but it is much more than that: it is a kind of healing art."
—Artpark, NY

"Everybody, young and old, was enthralled by your artful creatures. Your insect costumes...are living sculptures."
—Wayne County Council for the Arts, NY

"Every school child in America should have the opportunity to touch kindred spirits with Annie Hickman --- it is a moment that they will never forget."
—Mohawk Valley Center for the Arts, NY