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Bugs and Balloons ANNIE HICKMAN ("Ladybug") and
("The Balloon Guy") met at a showcase for Children's Theatre performances in 1988. That summer they fulfilled one of Annie's dreams by traveling to Paris with her new lizard costume and performing on the streets. When they returned to NYC they realized two artists could exist and compliment each other as a couple, and planned their wedding (May, 1989) just like planning a show. While continuing to perform individually, they also have created a number of shows together that combine Annie's graceful movements and museum-quality costumes with Allynn's quick wit, skills with balloons, and love of audience interactivity. These performances are enchanting and indelible.
When their son, Ozzie (born in 1990) was young, they took him along to their shows in China, Singapore, Paris, and all around the US, then stayed closer to home during his formative years.
Now that Ozzie is grown and following his own dreams, Annie and Allynn are touring internationally again.
(PS: Ozzie earning his degree in Engineering and in keeping with his parents wanderlust, is working on making this a better world in Oxford, England.)
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